Katrin Kamrau & Marge Monko
Gevaert as Image

The archives of the Mortsel company Agfa-Gevaert form the subject of Gevaert as Image, an ongoing research project by Katrin Kamrau and Marge Monko. The two artists are interested in the roles that women played in the company and how they were portrayed in advertising images. Kamrau and Monko invite you to share in their discoveries and attend interviews with experts and researchers.


Thursday 19.01.2017, 4pm

Hannelore Vandebroek — Women’s work in the era of the housewife. Attitudes to gender and work in post-Second World War Belgium.

(Lecture in Dutch)

Thursday 26.01.2017, 4pm

Film screening Nora's sisters, 2009 (Marge Monko), Reference, 2016 (Katrin Kamrau) and Lili, 2015 (An Van Dienderen). Followed by a conversation between An Van Dienderen and Katrin Kamrau about how archival research correlates with their artistic practice.

(Conversation in Dutch)

Thursday 02.02.2017, 4pm

Marcelina Kwiatkowski — Kodak and Rollei. The impact of historical advertisements on the artistic production of female photographers.

Magda Michielsens — Working women in the picture. Taking a look at the representation of women-at-work in the media.

(Lecture in Dutch)

Thursday 09.02.2017, 4pm

Tamara Berghmans — Dealing with archives. Repurposing and appraising the historic Agfa-Gevaert Archive.

(Lecture in Dutch)

From Thursday 26.01.2017

Video screening of an interview with Georgette De Wit, personnel manager for women at Gevaert Photo-Producten N.V. - Agfa-Gevaert from 1954 to 1993 and active member of the national and international Council of Women.

(Interview in Dutch)

Thursday 16.02.2017, 8pm


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