Open Call — Museum Takeover

The programme of Braakland is still in full development. A large part will be left empty for as long as possible: FOMU is putting out an open call to anyone with a passion for photography to submit their project to the museum.


  • Everybody with a heart for photography
  • Independent photographers and artists
  • Collectives
  • Curators, writers and critics
  • Academies and professors
  • Nonprofit organizations and institutions


  • Screenings
  • Photo book events, (dummy-books, self-published, small publishers, experimental publications, book launches,…)
  • Short-term exhibitions by artist collectives or temporally formed groups
  • Photo-based performances
  • Workshops, artist talks, public debates, symposia, discussions
  • One-evening events: BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer), pop-exhibitions

What not?

  • Proposals for solo-exhibitions are only allowed if the proposed project fits the experimental nature of Braakland: projects that announce a radical shift in someone’s career, projects that focus on dialogue (with the exhibition space and/or the audience),…


  • Inside the exhibition space, on one third of FOMU’s top floor, roughly 125 square meters, 45 meters of wall space.


  • The projects will take place between 16.02.2017 and 04.06.2017
  • The deadline for application is 15.01.2017


  • Detailed project proposal (minimum 1 page)
  • Detailed estimated cost-split: all foreseeable costs should be included in the budget. FOMU will calculate and decide which costs it can fund
  • References to previous projects or portfolio participants
  • Applications must be addressed to braakland@fomu.be, with specific mentioning of ‘Museum Takeover’ in the subject line
  • Selection of applications will be no later than 3 weeks after the submission deadline; All applicants will be notified about the selection, but unfortionately we are not in the ability to give personal feedback when not admitted
  • Selection of applications will be done by FOMU curators Rein Deslé and Joachim Naudts
  • For selected projects, a contract will be drafted between the applicant(s) and the FOMU. A pdf with extra info and guidelines regarding the submission of a project can be found here.