Julián Baron — Visual regime

Julián Barón is one of the most socially engaged figures on the Spanish photography scene. Visual regime brings together three projects that date from 2011 onwards: C.E.N.S.U.R.A, Tauromaquia and Los últimos días vistos del rey. Barón is deeply concerned by the political, economic and social issues of a country in an unprecedented crisis. He uses heavily manipulated and distorted images to expose institutions and the political elite. C.E.N.S.U.R.A is a visual interpretation of Spain’s political landscape. Tauromaquia illustrates how the state assumes its role of law enforcement. The photographer explores the social control mechanisms that are employed during mass protests and demonstrations and points to an authoritarian power structure that is tacitly accepted by citizens. Los últimos días vistos del rey shows us the rituals of a political caste that has dominated Spain for the past forty years.

Julián Baron (Castellon, 1978), is a member of Blank Paper Collective and was a director and teacher at Blank Paper School Online from 2007 to 2015. He is active in educational and collaborative programmes working with teenagers in schools as well as online at www.imagenred.org.