Óscar Monzón — Karma (2009—2013)

In Karma, Oscar Monzon (ES, Malaga, 1981) focuses on the car as a means of transportation that reflects the personality of the owner. Karma explores a range of unconscious human behaviours we express in the car: detachment, competition, aggressiveness. Applying a visual language that eliminates the illusion of depth and emphasizes abstraction. Karma brings us up close to the paradoxical intimacy provided by the car within the public space. Monzón combines human skin with brutally-designed bodyworks, flashed close-ups of people evoke the image of frightened wild animals in the night.

Óscar Monzón founds the Blank Paper Collective in 2003. His book Karma was awarded the Paris Photo-Aperture First photobook prize.

Karma © Óscar Monzón