(Traduction française indisponible)

How easy is it to find a place for yourself in a new context? Betwixt and Between is a group exhibition about voluntary and forced migration and the impact that it has on a person’s identity. Five artists - Nadine Hattom (IQ/AU, °1980), Ana Janeiro (PT, °1978), Maha Maamoun (EG, °1972), Valentina Stellino (BE, °1992) and Malika Sqalli (MA/AT, °1977) - use various media to explore the subject, including photographs, sculptures and artefacts. The migrant’s position between familiar and new cultures is at the heart of the event. And there’s room for positive emotions too, such as wonder, enthusiasm for new opportunities, reflection, hope and joy. With its personal images and layered narratives, the exhibition testifies to the fact that migration can never be reduced to simplistic slogans.


May 6th, 5 p.m.

© Valentina Stellino, Camping in Spain, 2016