The camera’s imagination is greater than that of any one photographer or the combined imaginations of all photographers. That is the photographer’s challenge.
— Vilém Flusser

What happens when you photograph one object using different cameras? The way we perceive reality is not only dependent on what appears before the lens but also on the photographic device itself. How do impressions change when we look at the world through various cameras?

Changing Perspective: A Multi-Camera Experience brings four young Belgian photographers together in an experimental open studio to explore - each in their own way - the influence on the perceptual world of old and new photographic techniques. For two weeks, they will experiment with different techniques using cameras from the FOMU collection and let themselves be inspired by what they discover. The studio space will be transformed into an exhibition gallery from the 18th of April onwards, where the photographers will show their own work as well as the results of the experiment.

— With the support of FOMU and Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

© Nick Geboers, Sun/Moon Studies, 2015

Jeroen Bocken (BE, °1994) examines how photography can be used to build an ideal society.

Jim Campers' (BE, °1990) images are a complex web of references and meanings that merge together to create a larger narrative. Recurrent themes in his work include outsiders of society and distorted perceptions caused by narcotics.

Nick Geboers (BE, °1987) balances the roles of archaeologist and visual author. Working in a free zone between the hard and soft sciences, he goes in search of both concrete facts and poetic truths.

Floris Vanhoof (BE, °1982) looks for ways to make images using what used to be considered high-tech media. Rather than impose a personal vision, he focuses on the viewing public’s reactions to his work.